our fab story

Kindle Beauty Artistry founded in Portland Oregon in 2018.

Owner and stylist, Ivinita Gheorghe, graduated at the top of her class, mastering courses in apprenticeship, trade school, and learning the techniques of French Vidal Sassoon and Affidavit Beauty School and Beau Monde College of Hair Design in Portland.

She discovered her passion was in Beauty. She went to college with a passion to find a career path that allowed her to continue being the natural artist that she was while inspiring others to do so as well. 

Growing up in the Heart of Romania she was inspired by the beauty of the world around her and took to painting to express herself. Now 15 years later she enjoys working with people one on one guiding and inspiring through hands-on hairdressing and makeup artistry. 

“With the support of my clients and friends, I have been able to help sculpt

their life with modern trends for all occasions. My love for people's unique individual qualities while intertwining the finest craftsmanship and techniques, encompassing new trending styles, has taken my knowledge in the Beauty Cosmetic Industry to a new level.”

We at Kindle Beauty Artistry strive to create a brand of like-minded professionals. 

Finding your ideal look while changing your self confidence and creating beautiful trends that are all unique. 

In early 2020 we decided to branch out further by creating our own branded beauty shop. 

We curated hand selected products to magnify your beauty and graceful accessories as a fine complementary touch.

This includes handcrafted eyelash extensions, hair filler extension pieces, along with new accessories and styling products.

Our hair craft offers many different styles including Boho, Contemporary and Modern looks with precision and refinement for hair designing with elegant fitting.

Our company stands out from its competitors by creating a tribe of craftsmanship and beauty.

Message from the founder,
Ivinita Gheorghe